Coffee Cup Design Studio creates ads, brochures, logos, invitations, annual reports, newsletters, postcards, flyers, wide format posters and web banners. Anything-you-need can be designed, printed and delivered right to your door!
530 Grand Street #EGF, NYC • (212) 387-8053 • email

Just what exactly goes on at Coffee Cup Design Studio?
Coffee Cup Design Studio creates cool, custom-made printed promotional material.. Business or personal.. Definitely much better than you're trying to do in Microsoft Word right now..
Why the name "Coffee Cup Design Studio"?
Coffee Cup Design Studio is named after the Anthora, the iconic NYC Greek diner coffee cup, originally designed by Leslie Buck in the mid-60's.. A perfect symbol of beauty and grace, with its simple message "We Are Happy To Serve You", offering quiet comfort to all who read it...
Does Coffee Cup Design offer quality printing at reasonable rates?
Yes.. Coffee Cup Design Studio can print anything-you-need, very reasonably, on thick, hi-quality paper stock.. Delivered right to your door..
What can Coffee Cup Design Studio have printed for me?
Oy.. Too many to name, but here are a few.. Brochures, invitations, flyers, menus, postcards, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, booklets, catalogs, annual reports, stickers, roll labels, table tents, door hangers, event tickets, hang tags, CD and DVD packaging, calendars, note pads, presentation folders, rack cards, posters, wide-format signs, vinyl banners, outdoor signage..
Does Coffee Cup Design Studio offer specialty print services?
Yes!.. Embossing, foil stamping, spot UV coating, die Cutting, letterpress.. Just call and ask!!
If I hire Coffee Cup Design Studio, who will work on my project?
KENNY FUNK is the Head Honcho of Coffee Cup Design Studio.. He will pay the utmost attention to your job.. Since 1991, Kenny's created countless promotions for small businesses as well as personal projects like wedding announcements.. He'll take your idea, bring it to life and give you the look you're going for.. He'll make your piece look like an ad agency created it!
How does Coffee Cup Design Studio work?
Every job at Coffee Cup Design is custom-made.. An initial phone conversation is important to discuss your needs, your ideas and your budget.. If your budget is right, Coffee Cup Ken can start thinking about how to make your project look great.. He'll scour the internet looking for great stock art or photography and find the latest in typography trends.. Whatever makes your job look the best..
How does Coffee Cup Design Studio charge?
Coffee Cup Design Studio charges by the project.. Call (212) 387-8053 now for a custom price quote..
What will I get for this exhorbitant fee that Coffee Cup will charge me?
You will have a great looking printed piece that you are proud of..
Does Coffee Cup Design Studio work on spec?
Does Coffee Cup Design Studio offer internships?
No.. This office is so small, you have to step outside to change your mind.. Visitors are always welcome to drop by and say hi however.. Call first, thanks..
Does Coffee Cup Design Studio create web banners?
Yes.. Coffee Cup Design creates awsome web banners for small businesses as well as funky personal web banners for friends who gather McSorley's Ale House every week.
Does Coffee Cup Design Studio create websites?
Coffee Cup Design Studio can design a website (based on your ideas), complete with web graphics, but you'll have to get a web guy to do the html programming. Not every graphic designer is a web programmer, nor is every programmer a designer. This is what makes horse racing.
Can Coffee Cup Design Studio print my logo or photo on a small amount of paper cups?
Yes.. 100 paper cups for $300.. 500 paper cups for $500.. Call (212) 387-8053 for details..
Any predictions for the upcoming Phish Tour?
Plenty of old school, mixed in with funk and classic covers..
Who was the better Darren from the popular 60's TV Show "Bewitched".. Dick York or Dick Sergent?
C'mon.. Dick York, of course..