Coffee Cup Design Studio creates ads, brochures, logos, invitations, annual reports, newsletters, postcards, flyers, wide format posters and web banners. Anything-you-need can be designed, printed and delivered right to your door!
530 Grand Street #EGF, NYC • (212) 387-8053 • email

KENNY FUNK has been on the cutting edge of graphic design since 1965, when his Kindergarten painting was displayed at the Bloomingdale's student art show. Originally from Bayside, NY, a high school internship in the Art Department of Seventeen Magazine led to an interest in editorial design, layout, and typography. In college, Kenny studied Art and Cinema at SUNY Binghamton and had a campus-wide reputation as a comic strip writer for Pipe Dream, the school newspaper. After graduating, Kenny worked at many national magazines including: 1,001 Home ideas, Golf Illustrated, Spin, Circus, Weight Watchers, American Baby and OUI. In 1991, Kenny started his own business, COFFEE CUP DESIGN STUDIO, named after Lesley Buck's iconic NYC paper cup “The Anthora” . Kenny quickly established relationships with local businesses who needed quality graphic design and printing at reasonable rates. Today, Kenny maintains a large following of customers, who rely on him to deliver professional artwork to printers and publications on tight deadlines. Kenny's work has been featured in Graphic Design USA and the Creativity Annual. Other interests include: McSorley's Ale House, Fire Island, Fonts, 45's, WFMU, Lounge, Beatniks, The Honeymooners (The Classic 39), Grateful Dead (166 shows, 1979-1995) and Phish (195 shows, 1990-present).


Kenny Funk